Welcome to Friends of the Canadian Mathematical Society

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Friends of the Canadian Mathematical Society (FCMS) accepts charitable donations from individual U.S. citizens and organizations, and uses them to provide education and research support programs offered by the Canadian Mathematical Society, in an arrangement that allows those donations to be claimed on U.S. Tax Returns.


Donations can be made to specific CMS programs or the decision can be left to the discretion of the FCMS Board of Directors. Each donation made to FCMS results in a tax receipt issued to the donor.

The mechanism by which FCMS supports Canadian Mathematical Society programs is through a grant application process. The Canadian Mathematical Society submits Grant Applications that are acted upon by theFCMS Board of Directors.

Canadian citizens and those (presumably few) U.S. citizens who have a Canadian income can get Canadian tax receipts for donations made directly to the Canadian Mathematical Society and are encouraged to give consideration to this path (canadahelps.ca).

FCMS is an incorporated non-profit with US Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 status.

Questions about FCMS, its procedures, or its practices can be directed to the FCMS President, David Rodgers (drodgers at umich.edu),  phone 734.929-4635).

Support Research Projects

math professorYOU can help support important mathematical research projects through CMS Endowment Grants.

The CMS Endowment Grants Program (http://www.cms.math.ca/Grants/EGC/) funds projects that contribute to the broader good of the mathematics community in Canada. Each year, proposals are reviewed by the CMS Endowment Grants Committe and grants are made.

The CMS Endowment Grants Committee successfully applied to Friends of the CMS for grant money to fund a deserving proposal that would otherwise have gone unfunded. The Friends of the CMS Board of Directors voted unanimously to provide the CMS Endowment Grants Committee with $2,000 that was used to fund this proposal.

YOU can help by directing your donations to FCMS be used to support CMS Endowment Grants.