Donate to Friends Of the CMS

Why donate to the Friends of the CMS?

1-734-929-4635 – David Rodgers – Please contact us if you wish to mail a donation.

Friends of the Canadian Mathematical Society (FCMS) makes it possible for US citizens and corporations to get US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax credit for donations that support the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS).

The CMS makes available education and research support activities with revenue derived from membership fees, CMS meetings registration fees, and publishing activities. 

FCMS donations can be made to support specfic CMS programs,  or the decision left to the discretion of the FCMS Board of Directors to make decisions they believe to be in the CMS interest. 

Canadian citizens and those (presumeably few) US citizens who have Canadian income can get Canadian tax receipts for donations made directly to the CMS and are encouraged to consider that path (






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